Saturday 2 September 2017

Old Dogs, New Tricks, Mobile Phones

Work continues on the rewrite and redesign of the Indoor Cricket World website. Concentrating more on the redesign at the moment, with some editing of content as we go, but the priority is to make the whole site "responsive" . . . geek talk for "being able to adjust its size so it can be easily read and easily navigated when viewed on a tablet or, apparently more importantly, on a mobile phone".

Talk about learning curves . . . the old myth about Old Dogs/New Tricks has been well and truly shattered (again).

Although I'm testing every page and every link and every drop-down menu etc., I'm sure to miss some. If you do notice something I appear to have missed, don't be shy about letting me know. Or just drop in to say hi.

Once the site's "responsiveness" is under control and I start rewriting the actual content, especially the very popular Indoor Cricket Rules section and the Playing Strategies sections, I'm sure I'll attract a lot of comments from the vastly experienced Indoor Cricket World audience.

Until then, thank you for you visits, and please do keep dropping in and checking our progress . . . we'd love to hear from you.


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